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Flood Vents

Metal Supply Depot is an Authorized Smart Vent Dealer. Smart Vent’s line of ICC-ES Certified, Engineered Flood Vents protect houses and buildings during floods by preventing hydrostatic pressure buildup that can destroy walls and foundations. This mitigation technique, referred to as Wet Floodproofing, allows floodwater to freely flow through an enclosure such as a crawlspace or garage.

Smart Vents are the most advanced flood protection on the market.

Preserve the aesthetic beauty of a building by using fewer vents. One opening gives five times the protection. Smart Vents bring buildings into full flood compliance and have the potential to dramatically reduce NFIP Flood Insurance Premiums.

Smart Vents are simple to install or retrofit into new or existing foundations. Most applications can be completed in less than 30 minutes.

Dual-Function Smart Vent Series

  • Certified to provide both flood protection and natural air ventilation

  • Louvers inside the vent door pivot open and closed with temperature ( 75 F˚ fully open & 35 F˚ fully closed)

  • Used for a home with a crawlspace or any enclosed area that desires natural air ventilation and flood protection

Insulated Smart Vent Series

  • Certified to provide flood protection while sealing out cool or warm air

  • 2-in. solid insulated door (core with 8.34 R-value) with weather stripping applied around the door

  • Used for sealed/conditioned crawlspaces or any places where air flow is not desired

Sealing Kits


Smart Vent Sealing Kits work to create a tight, insulated seal behind the vent opening.

When a flood event occurs, the precision cut, engineered material is dislodged, creating an unobstructed opening. This sealing kit works in conjunction with our 1540-520 Insulated Smart Vent and is certified to meet the stringent 2018 Energy codes.

  • To finish off the rough opening on an interior of an enclosed space

  • For use with the Smart Vent Insulated 1540-520 Model

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