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April Mid-Monthly Metal

Good Day! Nathan Allen your metal specialist here with the April Mid-Monthly Metal. In this installment we will be going over Vertical Wall Panel/Siding options, how to choose those options, and the benefits of each.

You have plenty of options to choose from when you’re looking for new siding for your home. Even if you decide to use steel, you still have to pick between flat wall, Reverse Board and Batten (RB&B), standing seam, and rib panel siding. Each style of panels has a different set of advantages and disadvantages. My goal in this blog is to help educate you on each of your sidewall or siding choices. I want you to make the best decision possible for your new home’s skin.

The siding on your home faces a lot: wind, rain, snow and sometimes hail. Siding needs to be tough, durable and most of all, look good! With a variety of different siding materials out there, it may be hard to decide which is best for your home. Metal siding is becoming more popular among homeowners/contractors everywhere. With its strength, ability to last a long time, low maintenance, and many different styles, homeowners are turning to residential steel siding to make a positive change on their home. If you’re considering redoing the siding on your house, or if you’re looking to add siding to a new build, here’s everything you need to know about residential metal siding.

Choosing Vertical Siding Options Over Horizontal Siding

The most common application of metal siding is to run it vertically. Choosing between vertical siding options and horizontal siding ultimately comes down to visual appeal. Vertical siding creates the traditional look of tall clean, lines while making spaces appear larger than they really are. Although vertical siding options can be a bit more challenging to install, the end result will be worth it. Given that you can install from ground level to peak in one uninterrupted panel.

Metal panels used as vertical siding options create a strong, durable exterior visual appeal is stunning. The longevity and versatility of steel continues to make it a favorite among homeowners, contractors, and architects. Metal Supply Depot’s vertical siding options are impressive. Incorporate your choice of color and finish with the necessary panel profile and gauge to create the look you want with the strength you need.

Vertical Wainscoting

Traditionally, wainscoting is run vertically to break up a bland wall or add strength.

Wainscoting will add texture and dimension to a space without breaking the budget. The most popular vertically-ran wainscoting are our rib panel and our RB&B panels.

Our rib panels can be used for modern or rustic accents, depending on the color or finish you choose. Typically, the RB&B panel is used for modern designs, but with the right color or finish, they can be used for just about any wall of your home.

Wainscoting is another vertical siding option you can use without committing to full-wall applications. It subtly adds the look of metal and incorporates its strength and durability while breaking up the exterior look of your home.

What Different Types of Vertical Metal Siding Do We Offer?

Reverse Board and Batten Metal Siding

RB&B panel siding creates a more traditional look that comes together fantastically with hidden fasteners, meaning the look is clean and uninterrupted. RB&B is normally used by homeowners that want a more traditional look. The look of the wide, flat panels are becoming more popular in contemporary designs as well. Their bold designs are a huge reason why so many homeowners/contractors are choosing RB&B for their Steel Siding projects, both residential and commercial.

Standing Seam Panel Siding

Standing Seam panels have consistent appealing lines that make it a favorite among homeowners. It requires very little maintenance, is secured together with raised, interlocking systems for weather tightness, and creates a seamless, modern look without exposed fasteners. This residential steel siding comes in many different forms, like snap lock or clip lock, which means there’s a style that fits any homeowner’s design tastes.

Flat Panel Siding

Flat metal siding creates a flush, modern look that draws the eye. These metal panels create lines that are crisp and clean without exposed fasteners. Flat panel siding is a great way to add depth and a modern touch to your home.

Rib Panel Siding

Do it yourselfers are attracted to Rib Panel siding because of how easy it is to install with exposed fasteners. These panels are designed to last a long time, stand up to harsh weather conditions, and with the many different colors, they can easily adapt to the look of your home. These panels are a great choice for any residential steel siding job.

What are the Pros of Metal Siding?

  • Durability: Steel Siding is extremely durable. It easily adapts to any weather conditions, and resists cracking, warping, and corroding. Its ability to withstand all weather conditions like high-speed winds and thunderstorms make steel siding one of the toughest materials on the market.

  • Low Maintenance: Maintenance on any part of your home usually equals draining your savings and your time. Unlike other siding materials, metal requires very little maintenance. Residential steel siding doesn’t absorb heat or moisture unlike other materials, therefore there is no mold or fungus growth, or need to clean your siding annually. Just install and enjoy!

  • Energy Efficient: Much like steel roofing, steel siding is energy efficient. It is able to reflect back the sun’s UV rays away from your home due to its radiant properties. This helps you as a homeowner save money on energy bills.

  • Style: metal siding has come a long way. With many profile and color options you can find a metal siding option that works with your home’s aesthetic. Since metal can last for over 70 years, you’ll want to make sure you choose a siding option that is visually appealing to you!

  • Pests dislike It: If you’ve ever had a pest problem, you know they love to hide behind siding. Unlike most materials like wood, steel siding is unattractive to pests like termites. You can save spraying for pests around your metal siding.

What are the Cons of Metal Siding?

  • Dents: Depending on the metal material and thickness you choose, metal siding may be more susceptible to dents. If you choose a thinner gauge material for your residential steel siding, denting may occur, so it's recommended that you use a thicker gauge to avoid this issue. (The gauge of steel is the thickness, therefore the thicker the gauge, the more strength the panel will have.) 24ga thicker and 29ga thinner options available.

  • Higher Upfront Cost: Although metal siding may cost a bit more upfront compared to other materials, many homeowners find the investment to be well worth it. Since it’s strong, requires little maintenance, and lasts a long time, the cost is usually only a minor drawback for most!

  • Replacement: If one part of your residential metal siding needs replaced, it can sometimes be difficult. Mainly due to metal’s ability to change color, it can be a little tricky to exactly match a replacement panel. Be sure to choose to go with a thicker 24ga panel in Kynar-500 to give you the longest color retention possible.

Frequently Asked Questions About Residential Steel Siding

If you’re thinking about metal as your siding material, you may have a few questions. Here is a short list of the most frequently asked questions about having a metal sidewall :

Is Metal Siding Fireproof resistant?

While metal siding proves to be one of the most fire-resistant options on the market, it is not 100% fireproof. It does not ignite or spread fire, but depending on how long and how hot the fire burns, it can be damaged. Being a non-combustible material it is one of the best choices to have to resist fire.

Is Residential Metal Siding Hard to Clean?

Unlike materials like vinyl, metal siding is extremely easy to clean (and only requires a cleaning every other year). A good rinse with a power washer on a low setting can clean most dirt away.

Can You Paint Metal Siding?

Although the answer is yes, metal siding is paintable, we do not recommend it. Painting your metal siding voids any warranty you have.

Does Metal Siding Attract Lightning?

This is a misconception about metal siding. It’s not anymore susceptible to lightning strikes than other materials. When lightning hits, it searches for the path of least resistance, or it’s more attracted to whatever’s closest to the cloud, rather than what material it is striking.

By offering you long lasting material, the ability to withstand harsh weather, and look great while doing it, metal siding is becoming the best choice for siding materials.

If you have questions about how metal siding can help your home please feel free to contact us a Metal Supply Depot. We can help you choose the perfect color and style needed for your metal siding project. Let me know how I may help!


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