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May 2021 Mid-Monthly Metal

Good day! Nathan Allen your metal specialist here with the May installment of Mid-Monthly Metal. This month we will be going over what types of soffit are available, the benefits of each, and why the two different soffit profiles we produce would be great for you.

Material of Soffit

Each soffit material has its own benefits. Bad weather can destroy the soffit on your structure so consider where you live and the climate of your area when choosing which material to use.

If you are changing soffit, you should use vented soffit which allows for good circulation. Vented soffit will drastically reduce moisture buildup, lowering your cooling costs in the summer time and helping you to prevent ice dams in the winter.

It’s important to check the soffit on your home every year as part of a regular home maintenance check to make sure they are not damaged, rotting, or falling off. Wood soffit is painted, and inclement weather can cause paint to peel or degrade.

Wood Soffit

Wood is one of the most attractive materials to use. It can be repainted, and it has a natural appeal. Unfortunately, it will decay over time and must have regular maintenance. If you notice the soffit rotting on your house, it’s important to replace it right away to prevent mold and other moisture problems from developing.

Aluminum Soffit

Although less traditional and more expensive than some of the other options, many homeowners are choosing aluminum. Installation is easy and it is resistant to moisture. It resists the harsh elements of the weather and is easy to maintain. Aluminum has a tendency for having the paint become chalky over time and also is a softer metal allowing for pests to damage/come into your home.

Vinyl Soffit

Vinyl soffits have the look of painted wood and are more durable and virtually maintenance-free. The pieces may come perforated with slots or holes also as solid panels. One thing that you have to be aware of is that vinyl can discolor over time. The heat of the sun can also cause it to weaken or crack.

Steel Soffit

Steel is more durable than wood, aluminum, or vinyl but can have a higher initial cost. It also comes in a large range of colors to match your home. It can be pre-cut to match the exact dimensions of the home. It is also naturally resistant to insect damage and strong enough to keep pests out of your homes attic.

Making Your Choice

Knowing the different types of soffit can help you to come to a wise decision on what material you will use for your home. You should start thinking about doing this now before any damage comes to your home from bad soffit.

Rolled Soffit Here at MSD

All of our soffit material produced here at our facility is made of durable steel that is made from at least 29 gauge for our rib panel soffit and at least 26 gauge for our flush panel soffit. Either choice gives you multiple color choices and has a textured option.

Rib Panel Soffit

We roll our rib panel material in either full perforated, slotted vent, or solid and cut to your soffit depth. Rib panel is a traditionally exposed fastener panel that is used in agricultural buildings as well as outbuildings in a residential setting, the home industry is now using this style for post-frame building homes.

Flush Panel Soffit

We also roll our flush panel soffit here at our location in either solid or slotted. Flush panel is becoming increasingly popular in upscale homes or commercial applications and can be hidden fastened that gives a sleek new look to your home or building.

Offering you steel soffit in any application gives you the best possible protection for your home and investment. The long term benefits have been proven by both the residential and commercial building industries. By installing long lasting steel on your project, your home can withstand harsh weather and look great while doing it.

If you have any questions about how steel soffit can help you, please feel free to contact us here at Metal Supply Depot. We will help you through the process of choosing what is right for both you and your home. Let me know how I may help!


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