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Mid-Monthly Metal

Welcome to the Inaugural Post for the Mid-Monthly Metal Blog!

In this first installment of Mid-Monthly Metal we will cover Who I am, who we are as a company, our goals, and how that possibly involves you as an installer or homeowner.

For myself, I’m Nathan Allen. I have over 20 years experience helping contractors with the materials and know how to get their jobs completed. From offering advise on installation, product knowledge to help use the best products, to helping with estimating many different projects. I have spent that time teaching contractors to be more proficient at what they do. All the while learning that the best teacher is always a student themselves, always learning.

We are Metal Supply Depot, formerly known as ForeveRoof. We have been running steel for 12 years now. We started out roll forming and custom braking metal for ourselves as we had a need for a reliable, fast, and dependable source of sheet metal roofing and siding for our sister companies. As we filled that need for ourselves we found that others were needing the same reliable, fast, and dependable supply of quality architectural metal materials to use for themselves and their clients.

As we continued to grow beyond just serving ourselves we saw the need to have our own facility and stand out from our sister company ForeverBuildings. With that being said we are now

Metal Supply Depot located at 801 W Springhill Dr. Terre Haute, IN. 47802

Our Core Values

We Deliver Amazing Service

The norm now a days in the building materials industry is self service. We hope and are eager to answer any questions you may have in addition to making sure you have everything you need and want to complete your new metal roofing/siding project. We are both willing and able to help!

We Take Ownership in Everything

We take care of our duties, we honor what we commit to, we answer for our actions. If you need or are looking for any metal roofing/siding supplies for your project, we view it as our responsibility to help. If you have any problems, we view it as our responsibility to solve them. If you were let down, we view it as our responsibility to help get you back up and running.

We Commit to Continuous Improvement

As technology in the roofing industry changes so will we. We will continue to not only update our products to give you the best outcome possible but we will also continue to learn more to better ourselves in what we do as suppliers and as a source of your information to get the job done. We are committed to being better than we were yesterday.

We Embrace Creativity and Innovation

Being Creative initiates change. Everyone can see things from a different perspective. We are willing to take and use any suggestions that can help both us and you to better the projects we have going forward. We have a saying that if we don’t embrace change we get changed, so change or be changed.

We Build a Positive Team Environment

One of the mottos we use is “No Negativity Allowed”. If we didn’t view it a true joy to serve others it wouldn’t be a positive experience. We encourage each other at work to follow our core values, to strive to improve not only ourselves but those around us. We at times don’t have the power to change others. However, we can change ourselves and then help others to follow.

We Make It Count

We strive to set and exceed those goals. We will take what we learn along the way to develop skills and abilities that will help us both get your project done more proficiently. Using one core value alone doesn’t do the job. We use all of the values we have at our disposal to Serve you the best way possible. We know that for us to succeed you have to first.

How may I Help? Let’s make it all count together.


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